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Zero Defects Mindset

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At Brewer Science we focus on technology innovation as a pathway forward by providing the highest quality products to our customers through our focus on zero defects and manufacturing perfection.

Our Commitment to Zero Defects

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Expert Research Capabilities

自 1981 年以来,Brewer Science 一直是微电子和光电子的特殊材料和设备领域的科技领军企业。通过开发创新产品和技术,Brewer Science 在新市场和未来市场保持竞争优势。

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Manufacturing Excellence

从事半导体和电子行业的顶级公司依赖 Brewer Science 的产品生产先进节点是有原因的;我们承诺,Brewer Science 提供的产品是业内最可靠、最稳定的产品。

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Sustainability in the Workplace

Brewer Science is focused on creating quality products and processes that are not harmful to the environment and do not deplete natural resources, and support long-term ecological balance for generations to come.

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were saved in 2019 utilizing Brewer Science’s Shred-it program.

386,144 LBS

of solvent waste were diverted from hazardous waste in 2019.

25.75 Tons

of household waste collected

29.57 Tons

of waste materials prevented from winding up in a landfill

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