公司在 COVID-19 方面的更新



October 2020 COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses and communities. Brewer Science continues to operate with safety measures in place, ensuring our employees’ health and safety while still meeting the demand and quality standards our valued customers require.

Earlier this year, we established internal teams to help navigate the continually changing landscape created by COVID-19 to meet our goal of complying with the latest guidelines and regulations to maintain a low-risk work environment. We have made several policy changes, implemented physical measures, and adjusted our partner relationships. Actions include:

  • Implementing a remote work policy
  • Facility visitor/contractor restrictions
  • Employee temperature monitoring
  • Room occupancy restrictions and increased air exchange
  • Implemented supply risk solutions for supplier business continuity plan
  • Increased supply safety stock
  • Testing partnership with local health providers

We continue to exercise recommended masking and social distancing guidelines, and as a result, the Brewer Science family has experienced a minimal impact directly from COVID-19. We have no plans to reduce these requirements through the end of 2020, but continually monitor the situation and respond accordingly.

In our continued efforts to support our community during this time, we sourced raw materials, manufactured, and bottled hand sanitizer for donation to local police and fire departments, ambulance districts, daycares, and schools. We are proud and thankful for the Brewer Science employees that participated in this endeavor. Watch an interview with our manufacturing team who led this effort.

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每个企业都感受到了 COVID-19 大流行的影响。出行限制、远程工作和保持社交距离现在已成为今年我们面临的普遍变化。

Brewer Science 已做好准备并随时应对这些变化。在员工的支持和精神鼓舞下,我们迅速适应了在家工作和工厂工作的结构。我们将继续关注员工的安全,维持我们的一流运营能力,并为我们的客户和行业合作伙伴提供适当的服务、安全性和机密性。

对于 Brewer Science 来说,我们的员工、他们的家人、我们的社区和客户的福祉和需求,在这些时期推动着我们领导层的决策,过去如此,现在和将来仍然如此。我们还必须在国际范围内尊重我们所处的环境和政府的要求。我们努力为全体员工提供布口罩,并向当地医院捐款,以保持较高的管理水平。

在这段时间内,我们一直在努力保持彼此之间以及与我们的客户和合作伙伴之间的联系。在我们继续遵守这些政策的同时,我们制定了分阶段的方法和分层的标准,以使我们的团队能够完全回到工厂,同时为 Brewer Science 系列保持低风险和高生产率的工作环境。